Once a month June through September

Join us for an evening of wellness, fun, and community under the full moon! We will organize at 8:30pm, and hop on the water by 9pm to paddle under light of the moon.

***Meeting locations are tentative to change dependent on the weather and will be confirmed as the date comes closer***

Our moonlight paddles may take us to the bluff, North Bar, or just to a circle on the water off the shore of Empire Beach to congregate and gaze at the moon. Typically we gather at the Empire Public Beach lighthouse to depart at scheduled time. However, weather is often a factor and can alter where we gather.

Upon arrival to our destination, we will enjoy refreshments and with your contribution, put a picnic platter out on the sand to indulge in the company of other adventurous souls along the lakeshore.

This event is meant to be leisurely and fun, therefore it will be lightly organized for you to paddle as you please. 

All non-motorized water craft welcome!  If you are not in need of a vessel, you may join us free of charge, we just ask that you bring a dish to share!

We will not take board requests after 5pm on the day of the paddle. 

If inclement weather occurs or any changes are made to the schedule, we will advise you by 5pm the day of the event.


What to bring: 
1. Watercraft of choice 
– paddle 
– life jacket

– leash


2. Swimwear 
3. Fleece and/or neoprene 
4. Extra fleece and/or neoprene
5. Dish/snack/beverage to pass