Every Friday night at 7pm except for June 28th (postponed to June 29th for a rockin’ 15 Year Anniversary Celebration! 

Bring your boards, bring some beverages, bring a snack or dish to pass. Bring your friends, bring a song, maybe we’ll all end up singin’ along.

Join us for our traditional community gathering on the wall at the Empire Public Beach down by the lighthouse. You’ll see us.

Started a decade ago as just a couple o’ dudes consistently chit-chattin on the wall at sunset, the wall has been deemed the place to gather the community for some pure freshwater fun.

Stop by to say hey, or stay all night. Share a concoction or local goodies with the crew and munch on some too, and indulge in a refreshment as we watch the sunset dive into the lake. Go for a paddle with a new friend, or join the youngsters, of Jeff Hessler (Betsie Bay Furniture) for a skate when the lot clears out.