Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, 9:30 AM & 11:30 AM @ Empire Public Beach
1.5 hours = $50
(Board rental included, wetsuits are an additional $10. Pre-registration required.)

Learn to surf on Lake Michigan! Great Lakes surfing is incredible and we are all about sharing the stoke. Our 1.5 hour surf lessons are held on the shores of Lake Michigan and have an instructor to student ratio of 1:4 or less. We meet at the shop fifteen minutes before your reserved lesson time to get suited up (we rent wetsuits if needed), then head to the lighthouse or, in some cases, venture off to find better surf. Whether it’s wavy or glassy flat, we can have a very successful time on Lake Michigan. Great Lakes surf lessons are canceled only if there is hazardous weather on the lake.
Our surfing lessons begin by squatting in the sand as you learn about freshwater surfing Lake Michigan, surf breaks in the area and techniques for getting in and out of the water. Then, our surfing instructors demonstrate paddling and pop-up techniques. All students will practice paddling and popping up on your surfboards on shore before getting in the water. Throughout the rest of the surf lesson, our highly knowledgeable surf instructors will do everything they can to get you surfing toward the shore and down the line of the Lake Michigan wave. There is always attention to each individual student and plenty of time for questions and helpful commentary, which will give you confidence to try surfing again on your own. We encourage people to take as many surfing lessons as they find necessary or are interested in. Our surf instructors know their stuff and can get you to the skill level you wish to obtain so you can shred in front of the old dudes who’ve been surfing for decades (they’re all our friends!).


Our main instructor Ella Skrocki is an incredibly talented and a wonderfully fun individual! She was raised in Empire, MI and on the shore of Lake Michigan.  Ella has spent her fair share amount of time surfing the Great Lakes. Ella, our spunky wahine, recently graduated from Northern Michigan University where she spent all seasons scouring the coastline of Lake Superior for surf!


Call for more information and reserve your spot for a Michigan surf lesson today! 231.326.9283(WAVE)