We strive to provide the highest quality surfboards for the Great Lakes and beyond. We are proud to promote hand-crafted boards by our dear, talented friends like Tim Folkert of Migration Surfboards in Holland, Michigan and Loukas Bethea of Fresh Surfboards in Traverse City! We also proudly stock high-quality boards by Lib Tech, Firewire, and Solid Surf, whose practices we stand by, for they make a strong effort to be environmentally friendlier. For entry level priced boards, take advantage of our used lesson and demo board sales, or new, quality, boards by INT and CRNT

We are also proud to announce a collaboration with majorly talented brothers Jimmy and Milton Zhanay of Zhanay Surfboards of Playas, Ecuador to create completely custom balsa boards for the Great Lakes now available at SBSK! 

Looking for a specific model and don’t see it here? Give us a shout.

We also have heaps of personal boards that we would be more than stoked to let you take for a spin to get a feel for the type of board you’re itching for. When you purchase a board through us, you will receive all accessories at 20% off, and we are always happy to discuss taking a surf trip to deliver your board to you in the lineup! Just give us a call at 231-326- 9283 (WAVE)!

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