Migration 9’8 Grebe


9’8 x 23 1/8” x 3 1/4” 


Blended nose concave 
Soft down rails 
Moderate tail rocker 
Narrower than the Albatross 
Square tail

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Handcrafted by our dear friend and remarkably talented shaper, Tim Folkert in Holland, Michigan! Tim is dedicated to proper craftsmanship, and the art of surfing.

Grebes (pronounced: greeb) are widely distributed waterfowl often known for their elaborate breeding displays and gregarious nature. Some species even “race” on the surface of the water in an effort to defend a territory or gain a mate. As a noserider, our Grebe model is well suited for dynamic (and often gregarious) surfing conditions at your local break. A great go-to longboard for displaying your best while racing to the nose.


Staff Review: Ella Skrocki

After paddling out on my custom 9’4 Grebe, I fell in love with surfing all over again. It handles anything from ankle biters to head high rollers, smoothly transitions through turns, and allows for proper hang time too. A most versatile shape that will add a new aspect to your love for riding waves.