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SBX (Sleeping Bear X-treme) Junior Waterman Camp is the Great Lake’s Premier Surf Camp for the aspiring waterman! We can not make waves, nor can we change the weather, so at SBX Junior Waterman Camp we take advantage of whatever conditions our mighty Lake Michigan provides!

Based around our beautiful, bountiful lake, the camp has a strong emphasis on taking advantage of the various conditions of the day to create greater waterman out of ourselves. Through this adaptable mindset and focus on outdoor activity on the big lake, we strive to instill a respect for the environment while immersing our students in all that is possible within our powerful Great Lakes playground.

This unique freshwater surf camp is designed by water enthusiasts to create water enthusiasts! Dependent on the mood of the lake, we might go on a surf safari to spend the day sliding freshwater waves and advancing our skills. If the lake is calm, we might take a down-winder and see the expansive Sleeping Bear Dunes from Stand-Up Paddleboard. We always strive to teach our students how to harness their breath, and with instructor Annabel, a certified dive-master, may have the opportunity to dive on historic landmarks within the National Lakeshore. We might even get to take out the Supsquatch for a spin with new friends!

Regardless of the weather or the activity the day brings on, we’ll have the time of our lives while learning the ways of the waterman with a major focus on safety and FUN. Anything is possible at SBX Junior Waterman Camp… leave it up to the wind, and some positive energy!

Is Waterman Camp for my adventurous grom? YES!

Waterman Camp is recommended for groms & grommets ages 11-15

(Please inquire if interested under 11— we are so down with mini shredders but we want to ensure that all students are fully capable of participating in all Waterman Camp activities happily and independently.

Over 15? We would LOVE to have you, just give us a call to check in regarding ages of the rest of our participants so you’re not feeling out of the loop!

Does your child have a disability? Give us a call to talk about how we can cater to their needs!

Some very important details: 


When? July 23rd, 25th & 27th or August 9th, 11th & 13th: Camp operates Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:00am to 3:00pm
Where? Meeting location will change every day and will be dependent on the weather & activity of the day. Camp location will be, at maximum, within 25 miles of Empire Public Beach. Parents will be notified of drop-off and pick-up location at least 12 hours in advance of camp start time each day.
Weather? Waterman Camp will run regardless of weather conditions. We will only cancel if there is thunder or lightning in which case we will use Thursday as our backup day for camp.
What’s Included: Daily gear rental, top-quality instruction, rental coupons & shop deals for use on down-days, a camp momento, and endless knowledge, confidence & memories to keep fueling your child’s inner waterman.
What to Bring: Water bottle filled to the brim with fresh water, a delicious & nutritious pack lunch, sunscreen, towel, a dry, warm change of clothes, rash guard and/or wetsuit if you have your own (if not, we will provide!), and positive energy too!

Sign up today! 

SBX Junior Waterman Camp


Terms & Conditions:

Cancellation Policy:

If you must cancel, you may receive a full refund up to 14 days in advance of the first day of camp. No refunds or credits are given for no-shows. If you cancel within 7-14 days of camp and we are able to fill your spot, we are happy to provide a refund aside from a cancellation fee of $50. We are sorry, but we cannot make exceptions as we are doing our best to accommodate all individuals eager to join camp. We reserve the right to cancel or reschedule the lesson if we feel that the safety of our students is at risk. Great Lakes surf lessons are canceled by SBSK only if there is thunder and lightening, or if a case of Covid-19 has been confirmed within our group.

What we are doing to minimize the spread of Covid-19: 

  • Minimizing group size in our surf lessons, classes, and camps
  • Wearing face masks when in the shop, or  interacting with our students when social distancing may be difficult
  • Strongly enforcing social distancing during all group lessons, classes, and camps
  • Sanitizing all equipment between uses
  • Washing down and letting wetsuits hang for a minimum of 24 hours between uses
  • All wetsuits worn by Junior Waterman participants will be reserved for that participant alone for the extent of camp
  • Requiring online booking and preregistration for all rentals, lessons and camps

What we are asking of you before engaging with us :

  • Stay at home if you are feeling sick, even in the slightest
  • Stay away from shop and do not attend camp if you have been in close contact to someone with Covid-19 within the last 14 days
  • Wear a face mask when coming into our shop, engaging with our staff pre and post activity, and during instances outdoors where social distancing may be difficult
  • Minimize person-to-person contact (we typically love hugs and high fives, but have to refrain this year)
  • Step away to sneeze or cough and do so into your elbow, shirt, or tissue if you have the urge

Tolerance Policy:

Sleeping Bear Surf has a zero-tolerance policy for any and all discrimination based on age, gender, sexuality, mental or physical disability, body type, race, religion or political belief.

We also have zero-tolerance for customers who disrespect our instructors, staff, or fellow customers in regard to Covid-19 precautions and whom refuse to follow our simple Covid-19 guidelines.